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A smarter way to check charts

With ChartAlert, we not only automated the chart checking process — we improved it.

Clinician at computer

Optimized safety at every level

Discover a user-friendly solution for analyzing treatment data and improving patient safety. Compatible with both Varian and Elekta platforms.


Comprehensive checks

ChartAlert automates the review of 35+ TG-275 checks along with any custom rules teams may set. Check treatment dosage vs. plan, couch position, gantry angle, and more. Users can also set each rule's priority level .

Speed without sacrifice

ChartAlert works 100 times faster than human checkers while detecting 99.9% of known treatment errors. ChartAlert frees care teams from the burden of manually checking every chart — only potential problems are surfaced for review. 


Intuitive graphs

Dive deeper into any patient event with interactive graphs that visualize linac data against pre-set thresholds. Anomalies and unusual patterns instantly jump out so they can be addressed more quickly, with suggested adjustments. Clinics can also compare their performance metrics with national benchmarking data.

Prospective and
real-time checks

Before treatment begins, ChartAlert alerts teams to any errors in vertical, lateral, and longitudinal couch position that appear during imaging. As each fraction is administered, ChartAlert also checks treatment data in real-time, calling out any errors to be resolved.

Real-time checking

Designed to fit your workflows

As practicing clinicians, we understand firsthand the need to be efficient and accurate.


Dashboard view and push notifications

See a summary of your patients' treatment events at a glance so you can quickly dive into what needs attention. Customizable push notifications via email or text alert you to any new issues.

Supplemental notes for context

Open any patient record to view team members' previous notes, or add your own.


A helping hand for completing weekly tasks

Expedite your weekly chart checking process and MOSAIQ workflow completion with ChartAlert's automated scripts.

Weekly check
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